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Guide to Kitchen Countertops

When renovating your kitchen, it’s hard to choose between the large variety of kitchen countertops port that are on the market. Even looking within a certain price range or specific functionality can leave you with a handful of choices. Hopefully, this guide on the most common and unique countertops will help you to narrow down your search.


There are little to no limitations when it comes to installing a tile countertop. Choosing from a variety of colors, sizes, textures and more, these counters are completely customizable. It’s easily repaired and resistant to heat, although the grout needs to be cleaned often to keep the counters looking pristine. Tiles are also vulnerable to scratching, chipping or cracking. Butcher


Whether it’s made from solid or environmentally friendly reclaimed wood, these countertops are a bit high maintenance for the convenient material. They need to be properly sealed on a regular basis and are vulnerable to stains, moisture and heat. However, it’ll make your kitchen feel cozy and warm.


Granite countertops are long-lasting and extremely durable. It’s non-porous when properly sealed, making the natural stone resistant to staining, heat and scratches. This allows it to keep its shine. Granite comes in a variety of earthy tones, and as it’s a natural product, each slab is completely unique.


High maintenance and expensive, marble is a porous material that needs to be sealed or staining, scratches, chipping and other damages are guaranteed. However, it’s a beautiful material that goes with any kitchen decor and has excellent heat resistance.


An engineered stone countertops port that’s non-porous and one of the most durable countertop options. It’s easy to clean and resistant to heat, staining, scratches and bacterial growth. Being man-made means there’s an endless variety of colors, textures and finishes to choose from. It’s great for any kitchen style and doesn’t need to be sealed.


A great option if you have an oddly shaped kitchen or countertop area, concrete counters are poured directly in your home. With different colors available, as well as the option to add other decor pieces, concrete allows for complete personalization. It also requires a sealant and regular maintenance.

Stainless Steel

The most hygienic, sterile option on this list, stainless steel is very durable, stain and heat resistant and non-absorbent. Unfortunately, scratches, dents and fingerprints are easily visible, but the easy to clean surface can be installed in a variety of kitchen designs.


Laminate countertops are the cheapest material available, but that doesn’t make them lesser than its competitors. It’s resistant to staining and is easily cleaned. This durable material comes in a variety of colors and patterns but can be vulnerable to scratches.

Solid Surface

These countertops can easily resemble stone or concrete options thanks to the wide variety of colors, textures and finishes available. Practically maintenance-free, solid surface countertops are resistant to staining, moisture damage and heat. Any damage can be easily repaired.

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